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Clean, Alive, Wild, And Delicious

Aloha is a plant-based protein company that makes real food from real, minimally processed ingredients. Connected by our DBNY Shopify Rep, we pitched and won Aloha’s e-commerce redesign project.

Our goal was to create an outstanding e-commerce experience for selling direct to consumer, and a web-tool to seamlessly service Aloha’s wholesale accounts. Multi-tiered subscription requirements posed interesting tactical and design challenges which we met strategically and solved with excellent UX design and technical invention.

We would also need to work on branding and imagery to deliver the product we’d promised. I worked one-on-one with Aloha’s CMO to determined a framework that would guide the entire assignment. We would transform Aloha into a brand that celebrated it’s real whole ingredients by generating writing and imagery that feels clean, alive, wild, and delicious.

Nominated E-commerce Site Of The Year by Awwwards.com


Client: Aloha, Brad Charron CEO, Alexandra Stankiewicz CMO Agency: DBNY Pitch: Amlan Das, Nick Austin Strategy: Amlan Das, Nick Austin Head of Product: Humayun Rashid Creative Director: Nick Austin Art Direction: Nick Austin, Esther Seo Hee Cho Design & UX: Nick Austin, Esther Seo Hee Cho Account Management: Amlan Das Project Management: Christal Soriano Developer: Matt Ricardo

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