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O Hyperbole

At William Morris Endeavor, I lead the creative team that guided Almay through a global brand refresh and launched the all-new advertising campaign “Only For Me” with Kate Hudson.

Through extensive testing, we discovered that product stories are essential for beauty shoppers. Additionally, our competitive analysis revealed other beauty companies were not delivering compelling product stories. We stepped in to fill the vacuum and differentiate Almay in the category.

Making use of hyperbole, we created an exciting narrative from each product benefit. For each product, we encapsulated the entire product story in a single image, creating a visual snack so enticing and simple the eye would read it involuntarily. These compelling image stories became the big idea that drove television and print advertising.

When “Only For Me” launched in Q1 2011, the campaign tripled sales expectations and shattered internal testing benchmarks company-wide throughout the greater Revlon umbrella.


Client: Almay, Lenny Hirsch Senior Director Global Marketing Agency: William Morris Endeavor Pitch: Nick Austin, Katerina McCarthy, Brenda Silva, Judith Grey Creative Directors: Nick Austin, Tiffany Wysocki Writers: Nick Austin, Judith Grey, Tiffany Wysocki Art Direction: Nick Austin Design: Nick Austin Strategy: Nick Austin, Katerina McCarthy Account Director: Katerina McCarthy Account Executives: Emily Wilcox, Brenda Silva Art Producer: Amy Salzman Product Photography: Richard Pierce Retouching: Impact Digital, Print 2 Print Director: Kathryn Bigelow CGI: Charlex


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