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Slow Down, And Tune In…

Built is an award-winning lifestyle product company and the inventor of the neoprene wine tote.

For several years Built had been chasing down the digital products accessories market. As the market became more commoditized, it stopped allowing Built to deliver the class of product and experience that made the company unique. Additionally, digital products began to encourage behaviors that did not line up with Built's values, such as social anxiety, thoughtless consumption, and shallowness.

I worked with the founders of Built to return the company to its roots: wine, food, family, and friends. We redesigned the entire website around an updated experience, philosophy, and product lineup designed to invite customers to slow down, and tune in… to each other.


Client: Built, Aaron Lown, John Roscoe Swartz Agency: Austin New York Creative Direction: Nick Austin, Aaron Lown, John Roscoe Swartz Design: Nick Austin Writing: Nick Austin, Aaron Lown Account Director: Sonya Chang

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