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Sample. Save. Enjoy.

SAMPLEit is an automated retail sample kiosk. Customers are able to purchase a sample product for $1 and receive 
a coupon for $2 off the shelf price of that product. SAMPLEit began as a startup run by Redbox. I worked with the GM from conception to design every aspect from the branding, to the machine itself.

Full autonomy over design and engineering. Responsible for writing 200 page technical guide for developing interface, writing 40 page master engineering brief, and creating the brand guideline.

Testing in Walmart revealed 
the SAMPLEit kiosk created greater than 20% lift in coupon redemptions, and lifted both product and category sales.

Key member of the 4 person team that built SAMPLEit into a $200M business.


Client: Redbox, Coinstar, Outerwall, Franz Klein GM, Todd First VP Business Dev Agency: Austin New York Pitch: Nick Austin, Mark Bown, Brenda Silva Strategy: Nick Austin, Mark Bown, Franz Klein, Brenda Silva Branding: Nick Austin Marketing & Analytics: Franz Klein, Brenda Silva Strategic Learning: Brenda Silva Creative Direction: Nick Austin Design: Nick Austin, David Harlan, Jung Kim, Lindsay Guim, Rebecca Dreifuss Writing: Nick Austin, Todd Beeby Account & Project Management: Nick Austin, Brenda Silva Production Agency: CA1 CA2 Production Agent: Cornelia Adams Production Management: Nick Austin, Emanuel Cruz Photographers: Richard Pierce, Matthew Chaves, Jeff Stephens Video: Matthew Chaves Retouching: Nick Austin Kiosk Design: Nick Austin, David Gresham, Fabian Monsalve Kiosk Rendering: Fabian Monsalve Kiosk Engineering: Nick Austin, Omowale Casselle Interface Design & UX: Nick Austin Packaging Design: Nick Austin, Peter Sheridan Print Manager: Peter Sheridan Video & Motion Graphics: Jason Jones Web: Nick Austin Developer Management: Nick Austin, Franz Klein, Omowale Casselle Developer: Outerwall

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